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        Year Built                Length                Designer                  Cabins          Guests            Rates From

 2018 (2023 Refit)     51 ft.     Robertson & Caine      2 (3)           4 (6)             $13,800

Samsara, a magnificent 2018 Leopard 4X Performance cruising catamaran, epitomizes sailing luxury at the highest level combined with a magnificent performance. Renowned as the fastest Catamaran in the Leopard Family. Samsara is based on the Leopard 48 design, but completely customized with a different hull shape, a different Mast and Rigging and many other optimizations. Blending cutting-edge performance with elegance.

Samsara underwent a full refit in 2023. Offering an unrivaled sailing experience, Samsara combines swiftness with lavish comfort. The yacht's interior features four spacious queen berths, each with private ensuite facilities, set in a backdrop of natural light and fresh air, all complemented by custom air-conditioning. The salon caters to all guests with luxurious seating for lounging or dining, while the exterior boasts an alfresco dining area for unforgettable meals. The top deck and villa-style aft lounge provide exceptional spots for relaxation and socializing. Samsara's multiple lounging areas make it perfect for both group interactions and private moments, offering a unique opportunity to explore the Caribbean in a harmonious blend of speed, style, and supreme comfort.

Samsara, together with her crew, Captain Micha, a well-known circumnavigator and heavy weather specialist, and chef Charly, a real celebrity chef who worked for stars like Gianni Versace, Cher, Madonna and many others, make your charter an unforgettable experience.

TOYS: 2 Stand Up Paddle Boards, Snorkeling Gear, Floating Mat, 1 Wakeboard, Kite Boarding equipment (North Board, 3 Kites 9,12 &14), On- & Offshore Fishing Gear and a SEABOB Underwater scooter

DIVING: Offered via rendezvous only

TURN AROUND TIME: We prefer 48 hours in between charter drop off and pick ups, but feel free to inquire for 24. We will do our best to accommodate.

CRUISING GROUNDS: U.S. Virgin Islands, Saint Martin, Puerto Rico (2024 Session)

REFIT DETAILS: Whole refit, new engines, new sails, new interior, new electronics, new rigging, new dinghy, new solar, new batteries, new mattresses, new kitchen, new cushions, new grill, new beanbags etc.

Booking Options & Availability

*To book a charter, 7-night is the standard, but we have NO minimum or maximum, please ask for your desired booking duration.

We offer a third queen cabin on request for a max. guest group of 6 people, please ask for a rate.


Includes 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches & 7 dinners, happy hour canapes, standard ships bar and snacks. Meals ashore are additional.

2@$14,600 | 3@$15,350 | 4@$16,100


Includes 7 breakfasts, 5 lunches & 6 dinners, happy hour canapes, standard ships bar and snacks. Meals ashore are additional.

2@$14,200 | 3@$14,750 | 4@$15,300


Includes 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches & 3 dinners, happy hour canapes, standard ships bar and snacks. Meals ashore are additional.

2@$13,800 | 3@$14,150 | 4@$14,500


Sleep aboard the night before charter dates. Available for half of the daily rate. Includes boarding after 4pm, snacks, welcome cocktails & continental breakfast. Dinner ashore is additional. Select option upon booking.

EXCLUDES: Christmas and New Year's weeks.

Meet Your Crew


Capt. Micha Moeller

Micha was born 1971 at the North Sea coast of Germany. His love for the sea began at a young age and he learned to sail in one of the most difficult and dangerous sailing areas in the world. He crossed the North Atlantic Ocean single-handed and non-stop in both directions (Southern Atlantic Route & Northern Atlantic Route), sailed around the world twice and won various regattas. In 2019, the sailing magazine "Multihull World" dedicated an 8-page report of him after he lost his boat "Samsara 1" in Hurricane "Barry" and survived 4 days in the open sea floating on a raft which he made of fenders. After his rescue by the Containership BBC Orinocco, he immediately bought a new sailing catamaran and continued his circumnavigation.

Micha is a licensed airline pilot and flew for SWISS Int' Airline and AirBerlin for many years, but his true passion is the sea and his endless knowledge about sailing and the sea is unmatched. He is well known in the sailing community as a great sailor, a heavy weather specialist and very popular for his willingness to share his knowledge with others.

Even experienced sailors enjoy trips with Micha as captain and book him to expand their own skills.

Micha is known for his dry sense of humor and loves to introduce his guests to boat life and the adventure of the sea.


Chef Charly Podesta

Charly was born in Milano, Italy and came at the age of 2 to Florida in the United States. He grew up in his parent's food brokerage company and learned the intricacies of first-class foods at an early age. After attending the Northwood University of Texas where he studied hospitality management and culinary art, he started his own catering business where he served the concert and film industry and cooked for many well-known stars. A few years later he accepted the offer of the famous designer Gianni Versace and became his personal chef and US house manager. He has also worked personally for stars such as Cher, Luciano Pavarotti, Madonna and many others. Cher calls him "The King of Bolognese" and Anna Wintour (known for her aloof and demanding personality) calls him "Brilliant". The "Ocean Drive Magazine" honored Charly in an article and called him "The Man who made Miami" and "The Sun Sentinel" named him "The Chef of the month".

Born in Italy his cooking style is Italian influenced, but his main talent is to create unbelievable delicious meals from easy ingredients and his love that he puts in every dish he creates.

Charly has a very open and lovable personality and loves sharing his stories and experiences with his guests. He loves to pamper his guests and show them the adventure and peace of boat life.

Why the boat name ?

Samsara comes from Buddhism and means both "constant wandering" and rebirth.

Micha chose this name for his first catamaran because it best describes what Micha's future life should look like and how he felt after he left "normal" life. After Micha & Charly decided to sail the world together, they quickly agreed that the new boat should be called “Samsara" too.

Dining With Chef Charly

In the following you find a few examples of the dishes Charly creates for our guests.