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Micha (Captain)

What Charly says about Micha: 


"Micha is quiet and reserved even somewhat shy person. However when Micha starts to feel comfortable around others, he opens up.

Very intelligent and extremely astute in figuring out how things work and his abilities of fixing and repairing practically anything earned Micha the nickname "MacGyver".

He is hornest, and hard working.

His knowledge of sailing is unmatched.

I am blessed and grateful to have him as a great friend and amazing captain."


Micha is a former Airline Pilot, Test pilot for light and microlight airplanes, Training captain, Sea survival trainer and Circumnavigator, crossed oceans singlehanded and proved his sailing skills and mental strength as he crossed the Atlantic Ocean and was caught in an approaching hurricane. He is well known in the sailing community as a great sailor and heavy weather specialist due to his experience and survival skills. He likes to feel the adrenaline flowing in his veins, but ensures that everyone on board is safe at all times.

Born in Germany and therefore equipped with a pronounced sense of reliability and precision, after a short warm-up phase he is very open and ready for any outrage.

Micha at the Beach
Micha at Sea.jpg
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