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Our Trips & Destinations 2024

Book your dream vacation, come on board with us and have the time of your life.

We don't mess around like many others, our "All inclusive" means ALL INCLUSIVE. Everything on board is included to use without any extra fees or hidden costs. The service of a Skipper & Chef, accommodation on board, Mooring/Anchor fees, Gasoline & end cleaning, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Depending on your booking), Snacks, Non-alcoholic drinks & beer and wine. And that is not all. Paddleboards, Snorkel- & fishing equipment, Kitesurf equipment (for certified Kitesurfers), Wakeboarding and even our SEABOB Underwater scooter is included. Samsara is equipped with almost everything and free for you to use. Dishwasher, Towels, Washing machine & Dryer etc. etc. etc. The price displayed is the price you pay, nothing extra, nothing hidden !!!


Our 2024 Season starts in the US Virgin Islands and ends in Hawaii. 

From single days to multi-day stays, everything is possible. Once you have arrived, we will pick you up from the nearest dock and take you to Samsara. 

Once you get on board, the really good time begins. Feel at home and enjoy your time to the fullest, we are open to almost anything, clothing is optional and every area on board with the exception of our private cabins is at your free disposal. Don't hold back with your wishes, we will try to implement whatever is possible.


Depending of your time of arrival, we will heading out to the first beautiful anchorage on the same day or the next morning if your arrival is late. If the weather is fine (mostly during the Season), Samsara move every second day to a new beach/anchorage according to your whishes.

On sailing trips to other destinations, Micha's (Captain) instructions must be strictly followed for safety reasons. Once there, your wishes come first again and Micha and Charly are open to joint activities, parties or whatever is fun. But even if you want to spend most of your time together alone, we won't stand in your way.

And if you have any special wishes or needs, please let us know.

Micha & Charly & Samsara 

US Virgin Islands

St. Thomas, St. John & St. Crox (USVI)

Available from December 18th, 2023 to June 04, 2024
Almost booked out !!! Last opportunity for your booking between May 16 to May 28, 2024.


Crossing the Panama Canal

Only one trip available !!!
Available between July 15 to July 31, 2024


Crossing the Panama Channel on a private yacht is one of the biggest adventure that a ocean and boat lover can experience. This trip starts in Shelter Bay/Colon on the Atlantic side and leads through the first 3 locks into the Gatun Lake. The Gatun Lake is a freshwater artificial lake to the south of Colón, Panama. At approximately 26 m above sea level, it forms a major part of the Panama Canal, carrying ships 33 km of their transit across the Isthmus of Panama. It was created in June 27, 1913 when the gates of the spillway at Gatun Dam were closed. Here we spent the night before we heading on the next day towards the last 3 locks that set us down into the Pacific Ocean close to Panama City where we will anchor and spent the last days.


On this trip you're a fix part of the crew and you will be involved in all parts of the trip, especially during the crossing of the locks, your job will be to catch the lines from the line handlers and adjust them during the lift and drop (you will get exactly instructions and training on the boat before we start the trip). At the rest of the time we will enjoy the beauty of the Gatun Lake and Panama City with all the amenities that Samsara, Charly and Micha offers.


Your stay on Samsara is 6-nights/7-days and includes Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner as well as Snacks, Drinks and Soft Alcohol like Beer & Wine. After your flight to Panama and a 45 Minute Taxi ride to the Shelter Bay Marina you will board Samsara and the adventure starts. Depending on the time slot we get for entering the Panama Channel we decide where we stay and explore. The channel crossing takes 2 days. Day 1 is entering the first 3 locks where Samsara is lifted to the level of the Gatun Lake and a beautiful slow cruising to the anchorage in the middle of Panama. The next day starts with the cruise to the waiting point for entering the 3 locks that bring us down to the level of the Pacific Ocean and the short cruise to the anchorage close to Panama City. Panama City, the capital of Panama, is a modern city framed by the Pacific Ocean and man-made Panama Canal. Casco Viejo, its cobblestoned historic center, is famed for colonial-era landmarks like the neoclassical Palacio Presidential and bougainvillea-filled plazas lined with cafes and bars. 

Hop on this ones in a lifetime trip and make the memories that last a lifetime.

FULL-BOARD (6 Nights)

Includes 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches and 6 dinners, snacks, all non-Alcoholic drinks, Beer & Wine. 

- Full Boat (max. 2 Cabins/4 People) @ $12,500

- Meet new friends (1 Cabin max. 2 People) @ $7,500

contact your Travel Broker or Travel Agent to book this amazing trip or contact us directly.

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